Shipping and Other Issues

April 08, 2020

The pandemic has and still is continuing to impact shipping world wide.  You can google "pandemic shipping issues" if you want to read about all the various scenarios causing these issues and delays.

It appears to be impacting international mail much worse than domestic shipping.  In the past there would be random delays to about 5% of the mail like it was temporarily lost or routed wrong.  That percentage appears to have increased drastically.  I am getting 1 to 2 or more emails a day now asking about this.  I believe much of the international mail is transported on commercial passenger airlines. Many if not most international airline flights to certain destinations have been canceled. I can only imagine this will result in severe delays at times. While I don't know for sure I would plan on many more weeks or months for these to be delivered.  I have seen other seed vendors making similar posts as they also are having a lot of customers asking about their orders.  Please be patient as all of us small time business have no control of the international shipping process.  Once it is dropped at the local post office it is out of our hands and nothing we can do about it other than ask patience.  Even during normal times there is occasionally delays.  While normally most of the world is 1 to 3 weeks, sometimes I have seen it take 6 to 8 weeks or more.  During a global pandemic it can only be assumed the delays could be more frequent and potentially even longer.

It would seem that some of the more distant locations from the US like Australia etc. are taking in excess of 10 weeks at times.  I have several mailings in route from early to mid April that have not arrived as of writing this on June 16.  That is 8 - 9 weeks now.   I know of a report back from Portugal of 2 mailings that took 6 weeks and 7 weeks respectively where normally that would have been 7 to 14 days.  If you plan to order from another country overseas during this global pandemic, please count on it taking much much longer than normal to arrive.

With the current global pandemic there seems to be a lot more shpping issues. Inside the US I have seen an increase in issues with the USPS. While most shipments are still tracking normally, some are showing significant delays. The show leaving a facility in route to the next for days or weeks before moving again. There is nothing I can do about this. You can get with your local post office to see if they can help, but in my past experience this is futile. I ask that you be patient as likely they will arrive. If you cannot wait, you can contact me and I can try to send again or refund your money. This is becoming quite a burden as 3 people have contacted me with these issues just this week between April 6th and the 8th.

I get a lot of emails saying that tracking shows their package was delivered, yet it was not.  While I don't know all of the reasons for this I know a few and have a few suspicions for others.   Sometimes, the package is delivered to a neighbors mailbox.  Please give this a few days as most of the time neighbors usually get it to the proper person.  Other times I believe the post office marks it delivered early and sometimes it doesn't actually happen for a day or 2.  Almost all the time that customers email with this question, the item typically arrives in the next few days to week.  I cannot control the mail once it is in the hands of the USPS.  I have no ability to track with more detail than the customer.  I appreciate your understanding and patience with these issues.

Another issue I see quite often is when the package seems to disappear for a while.  Tracking may show it in route to the next stop for days or even weeks sometimes.  I just ask for your patience, there is little to nothing that can be done about this.  You can try to contact your post office.  They may call the last facility it was scanned at and try to see if it can be found if it is stuck there or misplaced.  But in my experience this has never proved useful.  Patience is all that seems to work as almost always it eventually begins to move again and gets delivered.  There is nothing I can do about this as I am just a small time hobby shop with no more pull or connections with the post office than any other person who sends or receives mail.

Another issue that has been happening with more frequency lately is wrong addresses.  Not sure if people are not typing correctly or auto fill is causing issues.  I have had more than a few in the last 3 months.  Neither me nor the post office cannot be blamed or held responsible for delays or no delivery if the address is not correct.  Please double check your address.  I have even seen where tracking shows a package delivered only to have it show up in my mail a week later returned for not a deliverable address.   Also please double check your email.  I get some complaints later that email notifications were not sent.  I have been getting a lot of bounced back emails recently also due to undeliverable email addresses.

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