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Shipping Details

Domestic (Within the US and US territories.)

For orders up to $15, basic shipping is $1.  This does not include a tracking number.  In most cases this takes 2 to 7 days but sometimes there are delays and it takes longer.

To get a tracking number choose on of the options below at checkout.

USPS First Class with Tracking is $3.50

USPS Priority Mail is $7.15

Normally if order is over $30 I will automatically change it to USPS First Class with Tracking for free and if over $100 will bump it up to USPS Priority Mail for free.


For orders up to $25 basic shipping is $2.50.  Over $25 basic shipping is free.  This option does NOT include a tracking number.  Ideally this normally takes 7 to 21 days for most of the world.  Sometimes there are delays and it has taken 4 to 8+ weeks before at times.  These delays seem to often be random.  They are more common around the holidays.

There is not an option for tracking at this time.  This may be reviewed again in the future.  The most economical option is as a USPS Parcel, but this only provides a customs number.  This number is very good for tracking and we have not been able to find a way to actually track it.  The post office has not been able to provide a way either.