Shipping Details


Domestic (Within the US and US territories.)

USPS First Class with Tracking is $5.00  It is free if the order is over $40.00

USPS Priority Mail is calculated at check out based on destination.

If there is a sale going on, be aware that the free shipping threshold of $40 is after any discount codes are applied.  If your initial order is just over $40 and you apply a discount code, the free shipping will also be dropped off.


Basic shipping in a plain envelope with stamps is $5.75.  THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE A TRACKING NUMBER.  Ideally this normally takes 7 to 21 days for most of the world.  Sometimes there are delays and it has taken 4 to 8+ weeks before at times.  These delays seem to often be random.  They are more common around the holidays.  Since the covid pandemic has started these delays have become more frequent and longer.  Please be aware of this when ordering and have patience waiting on your delivery.  Some of the more remote and distant parts of the world are often seeing times up to 3 months or more now.

USPS International Shipping Information Page