Pepper Seed Information

Non Isolated Seeds:  These seeds have been grown and harvested in the open and subject to cross pollination from insects and other pollinators.  Over the years we have tracked results from non isolated seeds.  These results include our seeds, other vendors non isolated seeds and seeds received from friends.  While sometimes the results can be inconclusive as many strains are not stable, typically we see about 75% rate of seeds growing true to form.  This means that you may see seeds produce peppers that show other traits or even can be completely different than expected.

Isolated Seeds:  These seeds have been harvest from peppers that were isolated from insects using fabric bags over the branches before the blossom opened.  This is not a 100% guarantee, but from our own grow outs of isolated seeds we have not seen any crosses yet.  Unstable strains that are isolated may produce different results from the description without any cross pollination.

Unstable Seeds:  A lot of the seeds we offer are not stabilized.  Many are very young filial generations such as F2, F3 etc.  Most people don't consider a pepper cross stabilized until it has been grown out and selected over 7 or 8 generations at a minimum.  We offer these seeds as many people like us grow for the hobby and fun of it.  While unstable seeds may not produce results exactly like the parent plants they were saved from, many times they are fun and interesting and sometimes even a better result than expected.  Please understand this when selecting unstable peppers to grow.  We try to indicate as much information as we have in the descriptions for these.  Some crosses are more unstable than others.  Some are show little variation from the F2 generation where others still show great variation at F5 to F6 generations.  Sometimes the crosses are from parents that also are both unstable which could cause even more variations.  Even isolated seeds from an unstable strain may not produce peppers like the parents.