Scotch Bonnet MOA RED

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Description:  This is most likely a cross involving the traditional MOA.  Shapes are a bit different and the plant, but they are great peppers.  They ripen to red, have a great nice clean heat and are very productive.   The description of the traditional MOA is as follows.

Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) Jamaican scotch bonnet. This variety was made availble by Steve Queen from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Variable shapes and great strong chinense flavor on this variety. A truly great scotch bonnet to grow.  

The filial generation of this pepper is uncertain, which means it could still be unstable. You may see variations in your grow from this description.

Please understand you are buying pepper seeds and non actual pods. The seeds are NON Isolated. If you are not familiar with this please read the description of NON Isolated seeds at the top of this page:

Species: Capsicum Chinense
Heat: Hot
Seeds: Non Isolated / 10+ Per Pack

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