Peach Reaper DS

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Description:  An awesome Peach Reaper strain I got from Enrico Lai at Mojo Peppers.  These are very hot and just coated with oil inside. This was one of the best peach reaper strains I have seen or grown.  They start off purple/green before ripening to peach with some purple mottling still in some of the pods. The plants are long and gangly with purple / dark foliage.  My initial grow of these showed very low production. I want to note that as until further growouts I won’t know for sure if this was an anomaly or if this strain will be pod challenged.  The filial generation of these is unknown and therefore must be considered unstable. Your grow results could vary from this description.

Species: Capsicum Chinense
Heat: SuperHot
Seeds: Non Isolated / 10+ Per Pack

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