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Bhut Jolokia (Ghost) White W Strain - Pepper Seeds - White Hot Peppers - 1

Bhut Jolokia (Ghost) White W Strain

$ 2.15

Description:  Finally, a gnarly white bhut. These guys are just great. Big and bumpy, some pods over 5 inches long. Smooth clean burn, not brutal at all, but very nice.  These have proven to be particularly difficult to germinate this year.  The rate has been lower than I would like and they take a bit longer but have been getting about 50%.  A soak in salt petre has helped.   I feel this is a great strain so still want to make them available and will have around 20 or more seeds in the pack to help with this.

Species: Capsicum Chinense
Origin: US
Heat: SuperHot
Seeds: Open Pollinated / 20+ Per Pack

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