Mild Pepper Seeds

Chile Negro

$ 4.40

Description:  This is a great long chocolate to black ripening pod.  I have seen it described as a chinense and an annuum.  The plant I grew seemed to fit the annuum description better as there was only one bud and/or pod per node, rather than multple like a chinense often has.  They were sweet and smoky as described and mine had a bit of heat, but well under habanero levels.  Really a great pepper and I hope to grow it again to make some smoked powder as I think it would be amazing.

Please understand you are buying pepper seeds and non actual pods. The seeds are NON Isolated. If you are not familiar with this please read the description of NON Isolated seeds at the top of this page:

Species: Capsicum Annuum
Heat: Mild
Seeds: Non Isolated / 10+ Per Pack