Update on 2016 Pepper Season

February 18, 2016

So far things are progressing OK, but not great.  Having some germination failures with some varieties, and of course some I wanted to try the most like Big Yellow Mama and Yellow Dystopia.  Overall though things are progressing and should still be in line for a huge season if all goes well.


These are the first starts of the year.  Most of these were started in late December or early January.  A few look malnurished, but most look pretty good.  There is plenty of time for the yellowish malnurished looking ones to pull out of it.  

First 72 cell tray filled with pepper plants.


The next 2 pictures are seelings that were started in early to mid January.

half of a small tray of pepper seedlings

hot chili pepper seedlings


I have never seen buds form on such a young plant as this.  This plant is just over 2 inches tall at the most.

7 pot bubblegum cluster pepper seedling with buds forming already


One of my pepper guards taking a nap.

ladybug - pepper guard taking a nap

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