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Scotch Bonnet MOA WHP - Pepper Seeds - White Hot Peppers - 1

Scotch Bonnet MOA WHP

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Description:  These grew from seeds designated as Red MOA. This was my favorite of the MOA variations of Scotch Bonnet I grew in 2015. Pods were very big, thick walled, meaty and solid. Had great heat and flavor was very similar to the standard MOA. A great pepper to grow. Since this is a possible cross, plants grown from this see may show variation from the description.  I have since grown these out again in 2016 and plant has produced nearly identical pods to the 2015 grow.  To me this pepper is better than the true MOA that I have now grow from 2 different sources.  This pepper, tastes just as good, and is just as productive.  What sets it apart is the shape is perfect and there is very little variation within the plant.  With MOA I have seen up to 3 different pod shapes on a single plant.  This pepper has a large cavity making it very easy to work with and deseed.  Also has very thick walls and very meaty.  Just an outstanding pepper and one of my favorites.

Species: Capsicum Chinense
Origin: US
Heat: Hot
Seeds: Open Pollinated / 10+ Per Pack

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