Very Hot Pepper Seeds

Bhut Jolokia (Ghost) Solid Gold

$ 4.25

Description:  Started as an off pheno or cross that J. Turner got from some red bhut seeds he purchased.  They ripen to a mustard / gold color eventually.  They take a very long time to ripen, a long season would be best.  Pods for me were very big, and gnarly.  Heat was less than a regular ghost pepper but they tasted so much better.  Just an awesome pepper.

ATTENTION:  I have made these available but they have been quite difficult to germinate.  They are taking 3 to 4 weeks using the paper towel in a ziploc method.  I started with 2 hours soak in hydrogen peroxide to kill off any dormant mold spores that may have become present during the drying process.   I then soaked in a mild salt petre / distilled water solution for a day in the refrigerator.  Then I put them in damp paper towels in ziploc bags.  I then put on heat of about 85 degrees for 2 weeks and after that was mostly at room temperature with heat on them only in late afternoon / early evening about 6 hours a day.  I provide this information to show the process I used for testing.  They were one of the most difficult strains to germinate this year but at the end the germination rate was above 90%.  


Species: Capsicum Chinense

Heat: VeryHot
Seeds: Non Isolated / 10+ Per Pack

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