Very Hot Pepper Seeds


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Description:  I first acquired these from Germany a few years back.  I am not even sure if I got to try them the first time I grew them, but regrew again in 2019 based on some unique shapes I saw previously.  In the first grow of these some of the pods came out looking like tiny little smooth reapers. I was hoping to see that again, and somewhat did.  These plants showed 2 distinctive shapes. The early pods are more like an elongated habanero. The waves of pods that come in after that have a nice scorpion / reaper like appearance to them but are relatively smooth.  The nicest surprise was the taste of these is just outstanding. It was one of the best of 2019. The heat is probably a bit above your typical habanero level, but not near a superhot. The filial generation of these is unknown and therefore must be considered unstable.  Your grow results could vary from this description.

Species: Capsicum Chinense
Heat: VeryHot
Seeds: Non Isolated / 10+ Per Pack