Non Isolated Seeds

Reaper x SRTSL x Purple Reaper

$ 4.30

Description:  This is a new cross between the Reaper x SRTSL and the Purple Reaper.  These showed a great merging of the traits of these peppers in the first generation.  Hopefully future generations will develop some of super long tails common with the Reaper x SRTSL.  The pods start off very dark purple, particularly on the sun facing side before ripening to red.  Some of them are very gnarly and bumpy.  Almost all had tails.  The plants show purple coloring in the foliage similar to the purple reaper.   These are not as hot as a reaper, but they are up there, and have a nice taste also.  The filial generation of these is F2 and therefore must be considered unstable. Your grow results could vary from this description.

Please understand you are buying pepper seeds and non actual pods. The seeds are NON Isolated. If you are not familiar with this please read the description of NON Isolated seeds at the top of this page:

Species: Capsicum Chinense
Heat: SuperHot
Seeds: Non Isolated / 10+ Per Pack