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My Soil Mix for growing hot and superhot peppers

Justin White Growing tips soil mix

I have been using this very basic mixture now for the last 2 seasons for growing peppers.  My land had terrible soil, its pure yellow clay that ranges from rock hard to a sticky glue like substance all within about 40 feet.  For various reasons, I have not even tried to till the ground where my main pepper patch is, and have not had the time or resources to build raised beds but plan to in the future.  My solution for now is to dig a small hole about 8 - 12" in diameter and about the same depth.  I then fill it with this mix and they have done extraordinarily well for the last 2 seasons.   No need to change as they have been great and this is cheap and pretty simple.

Here's the ingredients:

ingredients for making hot pepper growing mix       

2/3 of a 2.2 cu foot bail of peat moss, so around 1.5 cu feet.

2 - .75 cu ft bags of top soil

2 - .75 cu ft bags of composted manure

about 2 cups of pelletized limestone

about 2 to 4 cups of pelletized gypsum             .

Pretty simple, I just mix all of these up and fill the holes.  In the past I have added perlite, but this year not doing it, I am thinking its probably not necessary in the ground.  I also have added bonemeal before, but not this time to save $$$.  I will add bonemeal to each hole when I plant the peppers.  This could also be used in containers, but I would definitely add perlite in that use and possibly a little more ratio of peat moss to lighten it up a bit more.  The limestone helps with the pH as the peat can be a bit acidic.  I must admit though I have never tested the pH, but have used this the last 2 seasons, so it seems to be working well.  The gypsum along with the limestone also add calcium which is essential to help keep blossom end rot away.

Here is what the mix looks like when its done.

custom mixed soil for growing hot peppers and tomatoes

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